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The cloud service is an advanced web-tool specifically designed for sensor management, data collection and data analysis. It is the meeting point between the data collected by the devices in the field and the operator to use the recorded values.


A cloud tool accessible anywhere and via any device (Desktop PC, Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone) thanks to full compatibility with the most popular browsers such as IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge. No installation is required. All software is managed via the web. The PC or smartphone will therefore not suffer any slowdown.


Fully customizable, it allows immediate contol of the main values collected by the sensors through widgets and graphs that can be modified both in the time interval of the data displayed and in the graphical aspect. The dashboard is fully customizable with regards to graphics, buttons, commands, quick links, notes, tables and images directly in the dashboard..


Each value can be expressed both in numerical and graphical form. The cloud service allows for personalization of the type of representation, combination of multiple values within the same graph, customization of the time interval of the data to be displayed, setting of the updating frequency of the values, size and position of the individual graph. Data export available directly from the dashboard or graphs within standard format files such as CSV.


The console is a fully programmable software platform that is primarily concerned with


  • data collection, storage and modeling
  • display of values and application of formulas on raw data
  • management of alerts
  • centralized and remote control of both devices and sensors
  • management of users and their respective viewing permissions

It is possible to set automatic alerts in case of exceeding certain thresholds or reaching preset values. Notifications can be sent via simple messages on the platform or via email, Telegram bot, etc ....


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