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InSensus Solutions to present the InStar System, the innovative Structural Health Monitoring solution, at the 7th International Conference on Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure (SHMII).

The InStar System features a completely new approach to Structural Health Monitoring: a standard, low cost and stand-alone solution able to adapt to custom projects. Four main values, strain, temperature, tilt and seismic activity are measured as a standard by the turn key version and fur¬ther sensors are easily integrable where needed.

The InStar System is easy to implement in any life stage of the infrastructure, needs no wiring and reports in real time and wirelessly to a central server where the operator has a on-a-glance information of the structural integrity of the infrastructure through a intuitive Graphical User Interface.

Based in Turin, the InSensus team, has encountered a strong demand for its low cost, turnkey SHM solution due to an increased emphasis on structural safety, public safety and materials management in both the public and private transport and structural engineering sectors.

The Managing Director at InSenus Solutions, Gian Luca Fantinuoli, together with Guido Maisto, CTO, will present the InStar System during the three days of conference, meet with clients and discuss topical issues and solutions to current industry challenges. The SHMII conference takes place between 1st and 3rd July in Torino, Italy.

“It is an honor to be present at the 7th International SHMII, one of the most important industry conference which attracts some of the best minds in structural health monitoring, innovative software and new technologies, “ said Gian Luca Fantinuoli. “We are pleased to have the opportunity to share and discuss our product and expertise with existing and new clients, peers and industry experts.”


About InSensus Solutions

InSensus Solutions employs a unique cross-disciplinary approach to provide a truly innovative turnkey sensor system for Structural Health Management.
InSensus Solutions builds on the SmartPatch project which has received funding under Horizon2020 SME Instrument and has won the Italian National Prize for Innovation (category Industrial). Our team is composed of experts in Structural Health Management, Electronics, Composite Materials and Commercialization.  
We designed the InStar System to monitor the health and condition of infrastructures, no matter the material they are build of to provide a truly standard solution for custom applications.
Our products give real inside in the aging and degradation process of structures and help optimizing maintenance programs and costs.
We provide a significant step ahead in making structures smart.